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With the variety of Delta 9 (D9) edibles, both D9 fudge and D9 gummies are a popular option. However, D9 fudge often emerges as a leader for many due to its texture and taste. It offers a fusion of rich, velvety texture, a noticeable distinction when compared to the chewy consistency of gummies.

When it comes to choosing between D9 fudge or gummies, personal preferences will dictate what’s best for you. Here the team from What’s Your Treat has collected some insightful information for why so many prefer D9 fudge versus gummies.

Why D9 Fudge Leads in the Delta 9 Landscape

Flavor & Texture

D9 fudge offers a luxurious and creamy taste that chocolate and confectionery lovers delight in. Its smooth, melting texture is much different from gummies, offering a more indulgent experience for those seeking a sumptuous treat.

Versatile Flavors & Ingredients

D9 fudge is not confined to a singular taste but offers an extensive variety. The essence of nuts is masterfully incorporated through a smooth peanut butter blend, adding depth and character. Moreover, the medley of chocolate variants—from the intensity of dark cocoa to the smoothness of milk chocolate—makes D9 fudge truly unique. Another delightful option is the cookies and cream variety, offering a classic and beloved flavor combination.

Enhanced Potency & Absorption

Many studies have shown the higher fat content in fudge potentially aids in the absorption of THC, elevating its potency for certain consumers. Leveraging its fat-solubility, the richness of fudge might intensify the effects sought by enthusiasts.

Homemade Convenience vs. Store-Bought

For DIY enthusiasts, D9 fudge offers a simpler method of preparation compared to gummies, which often necessitate specific ingredients like gelatin or pectin. Its ease of homemade creation can be a decisive factor for some consumers.

Extended Shelf Life & Storage Ease

Depending on the formulation, D9-infused fudge boasts a longer shelf life than gummies, sometimes negating the need for refrigeration and ensuring prolonged enjoyment.

Precise Dosing Control

The ability to slice D9 fudge into precise portions offers consumers greater control over dosing in contrast to gummies, which may vary in size and THC concentration. Of course, this will vary greatly with different products and consumer tastes. The preference for gummies might persist due to their convenience and discreetness. As with all THC-infused edibles, starting with a low dosage is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, especially with new products.

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