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CBD Infused Peanut Butter for Pets: Frequently Asked Questions 

When it comes to caring for your four-legged friends, whether a dog, cat or another type of pet, you likely want them as happy and healthy as possible. That’s why many pet owners are investigating the use of CBD as an alternative to more traditional medicine and why What’s Your Treat is proud to carry Sherman Snacks Peanut Butter CBD. It’s great for both pets and humans alike. 

However, for those who plan on giving it to their pets, we’ve collected some insightful info for you here! 

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Depending on your pet’s size, whether dog, cat, or another animal, the amount of time it will take for the CBD peanut butter to have an effect may vary but often takes around 30-45 minutes. It also can be metabolized more quickly than treats because there are fewer ingredients to break down and digest.

The Sherman Snacks Peanut Butter CBD from What’s Your Treat is made with 3 simple ingredients: peanuts, salt, and CBD. Both you and your four-legged friend can enjoy it. It’s also helpful for disguising dog medication or slapping on some bread for a PB&J sandwich. Many users have reported that the CBD peanut helps reduce both anxiety and inflammation and pets and people alike

Since CBD peanut butter includes no THC compounds, there is no chance of your pets feeling any high whatsoever.

Although CBD peanut butter doesn’t specifically require refrigeration, doing so can extend its shelf life. Also, doing so may make the peanut butter more firm and easier for pets to eat.

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In addition to our CBD for dogs/pets, we also carry a multitude of other edibles including today’s latest Delta 8 and 9 gummy, hard candies, taffy, and more. We also carry a range of CBD edibles and HHC products to choose from. 

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