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With the growing popularity of edible CBD products and infused edibles, you may be wondering about how it can be used to treat pain and discomfort from chronic issues. Although more research needs to be done on the topic, according to current studies treating chronic issues with CBD has shown to be successful according to some users.

That’s why the team from What’s Your Treat has collected some key factors to consider here before deciding whether edible CBD is right for your chronic pain management regimen.

Current Studies & Research that CBD Works in Humans

Although CBD for pain and disease management hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a recent study released by the Arthritis Foundation found that out of 2,600 people that were surveyed, approximately 29% of them were using CBD to treat their chronic arthritis. They’ve also released guidelines for those interested in treating chronic aches and pains with edible CBD.

Additionally, according to a study released by the National Library of Medicine, many have turned to the use of CBD and cannabis to treat opioid dependency for pain. They also mention further studies that have documented the use of CBD and medical cannabis and recorded more than 50% substitution rates, and patients listed reduced side effects as the primary reason for making the switch.

Many of the CBD Products on the Market are Unregulated

One of the difficulties in determining the success rates of using edible CBD or infused CBD edibles for the management of chronic pain has been that most of the products on the market remain unregulated.

That’s why if you’re considering trying it for your pain management regimen there are some important things to keep in mind such as:

  • Talking to Your Physician: Before switching medications or replacing them with CBD, it’s important to discuss the move with your primary care physician or pain specialist.
  • Stay Away from Smoking or Vaping: Although smoking and vaping are popular forms of cannabis consumption, edible CBD is often preferred to reduce the risk of lung disease.
  • Purchase CBD Products from Reputable Sources: When you buy infused edibles, CBD salves, oils, or any other product containing cannabinoids, it’s important to do so from a reputable source.
  • Consider Your Options: For those looking for a slower, extended CBD release over time, taking it in capsule or pill form is possible; however, for a quicker effect, oral tinctures are ideal.
  • Start Out Slow: As you would with any new medication, starting out with a minimum dose and then working your way up to one you feel most comfortable with will provide the best results.

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