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For those who enjoy escaping from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, setting off into the woods for a weekend or even just a night is often the ideal solution. These days, with the wide variety of CBD-infused edibles and more out there, many campers are packing some along with them to help them enhance their camping trip.

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That’s why the team of infused edibles experts from What’s Your Treat has collected some tips for you here on how to elevate your camping experience with edible CBD, and more.


What Are the Benefits of Bringing Cannabis on Your Camping Trip?


  • Fun: There’s nothing quite like sitting around a campfire with friends or family, and having some CBD or THC edibles can make the experience truly one to remember. You can open up and feel more relaxed, enjoy that food cooked over the campfire, and let the conversation flow.


  • Relaxation: After a long day of hiking, fishing, or taking care of business around camp, having some infused edibles to take can help you relax and decompress.


  • A Good Night’s Sleep: One of CBD’s most reported benefits is its aid in helping users get a good night’s sleep, which is certainly necessary if you’ve been putting up tents or exploring the woods all day. Bringing along some infused edibles can ensure you’ll wake up feeling rested and refreshed and ready to hit the trail.


  • Alleviate Aches & Pains: Physical exertion like hiking, canoeing, and other activities can certainly tense your muscles, especially if you have more chronic aches and pains. However, infused CBD edibles can provide relief and help your body relax.


What Type of Infused Edibles Should I Bring Camping?


CBD Topicals & Edibles: As mentioned above, camping and hiking can be stressful on the body and lead to aches and pains, which is why bringing along some CBD edibles, salves, or tinctures is always a good idea.


Delta-8 or 9 Edibles: Delta-8 or 9 edibles are easy to pack and perfect for those looking to experience more enhanced relaxation than CBD can provide. Additionally, they’re available in everything from taffy to chocolate and gummies.


HHC Gummies: Another favorite of many camping cannabis enthusiasts is HHC gummies, which can create a lighter “high” than other THC products while still helping the body and mind relax.


Packing Infused Edibles for Camping


When packing for your camping trip, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure your infused edibles remain in the best condition. First, it’s important to keep them cool, as things like gummies, chocolates, and taffy can easily melt. Also, store them in airtight containers to maintain the highest quality and prevent contamination.


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