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Whats Your Treat

Exploring Energy CBD

Maintaining energy and focus can be challenging when you’re juggling work and school or whatever else keeps your life busy. Coffee and energy drinks can help but usually result in a mid-day crash feeling and aren’t the healthiest option. A new popular alternative is emerging known as energy CBD tincture. This product provides a natural source of energy without the jitters or crash commonly associated with caffeine. 

CBD Tinctures

The Basics:

This product contains a combination of CBD extract and natural ingredients known for their potential to promote alertness. Our formula contains a blend of essential oils such as basil, cinnamon, lemon, ginger, lemongrass, black pepper, rosemary, and turmeric. Paired with 1500mg cGMP certified full spectrum CBD distillate, this blend will increase your focus and kick start your day. 

The Benefits:

-CBD tincture provides a consistent, sustained source of energy throughout the day unlike caffeine which results in spikes and crashes. 

-CBD tinctures for anxiety eases stress, allowing improved focus and energy.

-The natural ingredients are a healthier alternative compared to synthetic energy supplements.

-With the dropper provided you can customize your dose.

As always consult with a healthcare professional if you are considering trying out CBD tincture for an energy boost. Those seeking a safe and natural boost of energy should definitely try out our energy CBD!