What's Your Treat

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Whats Your Treat

Welcome new friends and old, we are What’s Your Treat. Now you may ask yourself, what is What’s Your Treat and how can I find out more? What’s Your Treat is a CBD business offering a variety of products for you to get your CBD needs in many ways. From savory to sweet, we’ve got you covered. The website offers detailed descriptions, safe and secure checkout, and fast shipping to your door. Now who is behind the curtain?

Meet Matt Knobel, co-founder of What’s Your treat. Matt was originally in aviation, flying planes for weeks out of each month, always in a new state. He started the company as a side hustle in 2019. As 2020 rolled around he prepared for his first son to be born with hopes of eventually turning this into a full-time gig. Those long nights of being in the clouds, a dream in his head and his amazing wife and son waiting at home for him made him want to make this side hustle into a full-blown career. In 2022 his daughter was born, and he knew it was time to make the switch over. He called up one of his best friends and made it happen.

Meet James, co-founder of What’s Your Treat. James was in hvac working for a family run company.  He made sure our neighbors had heat in the winter and AC in the blazing summer. The thought of being his own boss was a no brainer when Matt came to him with this idea. During covid, the whole world shut down and small circles became even smaller. James was a part of Matts small circle and would join their family every Sunday night, coming up with new ideas and ways to make this a reality. James and Matt are great friends, it was easy to leave their day jobs and devote all their time to the birth of this business.

Meet Melissa Stranahan, social media manager and author of the website blogs. I am close friends with Matt’s wife, Danni. We met at the Y and have toddlers only months apart. I remember how hard it was with Matt always traveling for work, and I was there as the company blossomed into what it is today. I’m also about to welcome my second child, I stay home with my toddler during the day and work evenings at my other job. I was so excited when Matt asked me to come onboard and be part of this amazing journey. I can’t wait to provide high quality images of these tasty treats and update you all in my blog posts. Thanks for checking us out!