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When it comes to infused gummies versus spray-on gummies, the proof is in the pudding! There are some key differences between the two that cannabis users should be aware of. That’s why What’s Your Treat has collected all of the necessary facts for you here so you can make an informed decision as to what’s best for you!

Infused vs. Spray-On Edibles: What’s the Difference?

What Are Infused Gummies?

As the name suggests, infused gummies are infused with CBD/THC extract, meaning it’s filled with cannabinoids to retain their potency and provide more accurate dosages.

What Are Spray-On Gummies?

Spray-on gummies are made using a CBD/THC extract that’s sprayed on the exterior of the gummy as opposed to being injected directly inside it. They are simply coated with cannabinoids, rather than internally saturated as is the case with infused edibles.

What are the Key Differences Between Infused & Spray-On CBD/THC Gummies?

Some of the most noticeable differences between the infusion and spray-on methods when it comes to gummies are:

  • Consistency: When it comes to creating a consistent product that provides the same results and taste every time, infused gummies are a step above spray-on edibles. Since the CBD/THC extract is injected directly into the gummy rather than sprayed on its exterior, there’s no way for variables like packaging, temperature, and other aspects to affect the quality and potency. One of the major issues with spray-on edibles is the extract can lose a layer and become stuck to the product packaging.
  • Shelf-Life: Spray-on edible products typically boast a much shorter shelf life than infused ones because things such as air, light, and other factors will affect the potency and consistency of the product. However, infused gummies don’t suffer from this issue and therefore boast a much longer shelf life.
  • Improved Accuracy & Dosage: When it comes to gummies, infused products offer improved accuracy for testing and enable manufacturers to more accurately measure the dosage for consumers. This is because since the CBD/THC extract is injected directly into the gummy during production, every part of it will produce the same test results. This isn’t the case with spray-on edibles due to the issues mentioned above. Additionally, infused edibles are known to be more potent and last longer because they don’t lose any of the CBD/THC extracts as they travel to your digestive tract.

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