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Many cannabis users who are creative types, whether they be artists, writers, filmmakers, or designers, have reported finding their best ideas after consuming cannabis. This is often due to its reported calming, inspiring, and uplifting effects. That’s why the wholesale CBD edibles experts from What’s Your Treat have highlighted some of the ways that cannabis can jumpstart the creative process here.

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How Does Cannabis Increase Our Creativity?


One of the main psychoactive compounds in cannabis, THC, is often noted for its ability to reduce stress and help artists and creatives relax and focus more on their tasks with an open mind. Many say that this often leads them to come up with new, innovative, and exciting ideas because it allows for a more fluid mental state and opens a path for seeing things from different perspectives.


What Are Some of the Ways Cannabis Helps Artists?


In some cases, cannabis users also point to the fact that consuming products like CBD, HHC, or THC before collaborating with other artists can foster a more open and creative relationship. For example, photographers might consume cannabis to relax before a photo session and to make it more enjoyable, as well as generate more creative ideas on the spot. Other artists that do more hands-on work, like ceramicists or painters have often stated that cannabis helps enhance their creative work, enabling them to tap into something that can be both functional and also enhance the everyday lives of their patrons.


Does Consuming Cannabis Really Make You More Creative?


There is still limited research as to how and if cannabis truly can make people more creative, however, many say that the simple fact is that it helps you relax and be less self-conscious about your ideas. This in turn helps boost creativity by breaking down the mental barriers that exist in order for artists to communicate more deeply with their creative mind. It can also help you consider ideas you may have otherwise overlooked from a different lens. Many musicians and performers have also reported that it helps reduce their anxiety before going on stage.


Fun & Creative Ways to Enjoy Cannabis


If you’re interested in exploring the ways cannabis can boost your creativity, there are a variety of delicious edibles out there for you to try that are fun and funky. Some of today’s leading infused edibles include everything from taffy and popcorn to fudge, lollipops, and even peanut butter. When consuming cannabis edibles, it’s always important to begin with a low dose and work your way up to one that feels comfortable. Additionally, keep in mind that unlike smoking cannabis, edibles take longer to kick in and also last longer.


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Whether you work as an artist or simply want to get your creative juices flowing, cannabis can help. At What’s Your Treat, not only do we offer a variety of wholesale CBD edibles, but also a range of delicious products such as Delta-8 taffy and Delta 9 taffy, HHC gummies, CBD tinctures and salves, and much more.


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