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Since its inception and legalization in many states, Golfers have increasingly embraced CBD. In fact, a recent survey revealed that nearly 30% of today’s top golfers use CBD or infused CBD edibles while on the course or after playing. However, CBD is just one of the cannabis compounds today’s golfers use. With the variety of infused edibles available with Delta 8 and 9 THC, HHC, and other products on the market, there is a wealth of products to choose from.

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That’s why the team from What’s Your Treat has highlighted some of the reported benefits of using cannabis compounds while golfing here.


How CBD Can Benefit Your Golf Game


One of the leading ways CBD can benefit your golf game is to reduce stress. Since golf requires concentration and focus, stress can be detrimental and significantly impact your performance. However, many CBD users that golf say that taking infused edibles or other products helps them maintain a good rhythm and energy, while drastically reducing their stress levels. CBD gummies are a favorite among golfers because they’re discreet and also easy to bring along with them on the course.


How Does THC Affect Your Game?


Golf Digest released a study that had some interesting results in regard to how THC can affect your golf game. If followed three golfers of different skill levels; they consumed increasing amounts of THC while they were playing. The study found that when you consume up to 18mg of THC, you can actually improve your golf game due to the reported muscle relaxation, calming effects, and stress reduction it produces. However, exceeding that level will often impact a golfer’s focus, energy, and hand-eye-coordination. Additionally, many will experience the need to eat more than usual. That’s why moderation on the course is key to improving your game.


Increasing Your Enjoyment While on the Course


Like many sports, golf is a social game, and consuming infused edibles can make the experience more fun and help you better connect with your friends. By reducing stress levels and enhancing your mood, you can have a better time while playing golf, especially if social situations are somewhat stressful for you. Often, beer or other alcoholic drinks are a standard on the course but these days many are choosing infused edibles like Delta 8 or 9 gummies, or taffy to enhance their experience. There is also a range of THC-infused drinks out there as well that provide the same effects.


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