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At What’s Your Treat, we’re all about providing access to the latest CBD products to offer their benefits not only to the humans that need them but also to our four-legged friends, which is why we carry Sherman Snacks Peanut Butter CBD.

Peanut butter is enjoyed by both dogs and humans alike and here, our team is going to cover some of the benefits it offers for canines, so read on!

Peanut Butter is Great for Sneaking in Pills

For older pooches or ones with chronic health issues that need to take medication on a regular basis, sometimes sneaking a pill into their bowl of food or another simply doesn’t cut it. However, peanut butter is great for giving them their medication because of its taste, texture, and smell.

It’s Perfect for Toys

If your dog loves to play, then placing some peanut butter into one of their toys can be a great way to keep them occupied. Dogs have a natural hunting instinct and slipping some peanut butter into one of their toys can be a great way for them to explore this instinct!

Peanut Butter Provides Your Pooch Nutrients

One of the biggest advantages of feeding your dog peanut butter (as well as eating it yourself) is that there are a multitude of health advantages. Fresh, natural peanut butter that doesn’t contain a host of preservatives will be rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Additionally, the folic acid and magnesium it contains also assist in cell growth and help canines metabolize B complex vitamins.

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The Sherman Snack Peanut Butter CBD carried by What’s Your Treat is the perfect snack for your pooch and each jar comes with 600mg of CBD extract. In addition to our pooch peanut butter, we also carry a multitude of other CBD/THC products including gummies, taffies, tinctures, and more.

At What’s Your Treat, we’re committed to revolutionizing the cannabis edibles industry by offering the newest, most innovative products available. Our primary goal is to solve many of the pain points consumers find in the edible industry such as poor flavors and inconsistent infusions and dosages. All of our offerings are manufactured in a lab-controlled environment and are created with today’s leading cannabidiol compounds including Delta-8 and 9 THC, CBD, and HHC.

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