What's Your Treat

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Whats Your Treat

Hemp infused fudge not only offers a delightful indulgence but also provides potential therapeutic benefits. While savoring the smooth and creamy texture of Hemp Infused fudge on its own is a treat in itself, you’ll be delighted to know that this treat can be paired with various ingredients to create delicious and innovative sweet treats.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some exciting ways to enjoy hemp infused Delta-9 fudge and the perfect pairings to elevate your taste buds.

1. Fruit Pairings:

Hemp infused fudge pairs exceptionally well with a wide array of fresh fruits, offering a balanced combination of flavors.

– Strawberries: The juicy sweetness of strawberries complements the rich and creamy nature of hemp infused fudge. Simply dip fresh strawberries into melted fudge or create a decadent strawberry fudge parfait by layering sliced strawberries with chunks of fudge and a dollop of whipped cream.

– Bananas: Sliced bananas provide a creamy and slightly tangy contrast to the sweetness of hemp infused fudge. Enjoy them together on a slice of toast or blend them into a hemp-infused smoothie for a refreshing treat. You can also dip the bananas in melted fudge and freeze them for a cold treat!

– Raspberries: The tartness of raspberries adds a delightful tang to the sweetness of hemp infused fudge. Over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, crush raspberries, fudge pieces, and add whipped cream on top. You can also melt the fudge for a fudge drizzle on top.

2. Nutty Delights:

Hemp infused fudge’s velvety texture pairs wonderfully with a variety of nuts, creating a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Here are a few nutty delights to try:

– Almonds: Sprinkle crushed almonds over a piece of fudge to add a satisfying crunch and nutty flavor. You can also incorporate almond butter into your fudge recipe for an almond-infused treat.

– Pecans: The buttery richness of pecans complements the smoothness of hemp infused fudge. Consider creating a delectable pecan and fudge pie by combining crushed pecans, fudge, and a flaky crust. This three-ingredient desert is quick and easy to make.

– Pistachios: Crushed pistachios provide a vibrant color and nutty taste to hemp infused fudge. Roll small fudge balls in crushed pistachios for a delightful and nutritious snack. Sprinkle sea salt on top for a sweet and savory mash-up.

3. Hemp infused drinks:

You can add fudge to wake you up for the day in your favorite espresso or blend it up in a smoothie of your choice.

– Espresso: Add a piece of fudge in the freshly brewed espresso and allow it to melt into the beverage. The bitterness of the coffee beautifully complements the sweetness of the fudge.

– Strawberry Banana Fudge Smoothie: In a blender, combine frozen banana, chopped strawberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt, some hemp infused fudge pieces, and fill with your choice of milk a little less than halfway. I personally love creamy oat milk in my smoothies.

Help infused fudge is a versatile treat that can be enjoyed in various ways. Whether you prefer pairing it with fresh fruits for a burst of freshness, incorporating nuts for added texture, or exploring gourmet combinations for a sophisticated twist, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with different flavors and let your creativity shine as you discover unique and delightful pairings with hemp infused fudge. Remember to follow dosage guidelines and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions about CBD/ hemp infused consumption. Available in Delta-8 fudge or Delta-9 on our website. Enjoy the journey of savoring this sweet treat.

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