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While many are familiar with cannabis flowers, did you know there’s a wide range of cannabis-infused edible options available? Chocolates, salves, gummies—you name it. The cannabis market has expanded far beyond what meets the eye. What’s Your Treat covers some cannabis-infused products that are gaining popularity, exploring their uses, benefits, and the remarkable variety of options out there.

Did You Know You Could Buy These Cannabis-Infused Products?

Cannabis-Infused Products: Knowing Your Options

Licensed distributors providing cannabis now offer a variety of options like gummies, chocolates, topicals, and beverages. It’s crucial to purchase products from the legal market, as they have child-resistant and plain packaging to avoid attracting minors. Labels must display THC or CBD content, health warnings, ingredient lists, allergens, and nutrition facts. Cannabis edibles won’t have added vitamins, minerals, nicotine, or alcohol, and there’s a caffeine limit.

Cannabis-Infused Gummies

Delicious cannabis-infused gummies and soft chews are now available as an alternative to traditional medical cannabis products like oils and gels. Many distributors offer a wide range of gummies and soft chews, so if you want to use them for medical purposes such as for joint or muscle pain, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor for more information. These products are highly sought after, and it’s wonderful to see companies meeting the needs of patients.

These gummies come in resealable pouches with different doses available. If you’re unsure about the right dose for you, carefully read the label and start with a small amount. Wait a few hours before considering taking more, as everyone’s reaction to cannabis can vary. It’s important to be patient and avoid consuming more than necessary.

Cannabis-Infused Chocolates

When it comes to cannabis edibles, infused chocolates have become a top choice and are loved by many. Licensed distributors offer a variety of options, including chocolates with CBD only, a mix of THC and CBD, or THC alone. To ensure high-quality products, some distributors have partnered with well-known chocolate makers. Whether you prefer milk chocolate or peanut butter chocolate, there are plenty of delicious choices available.

Cannabis chocolate bars now come in different sizes, such as one, two, four, or five pieces. Each bar has its own potency, so it’s important to read the packaging and dosage information to avoid consuming more than necessary. Remember to start with a low dose and take it slowly when trying any type of edible.

Cannabis-Infused Salves

Whether you call them balms, lotions, salves, or creams, cannabis-infused topicals are gaining popularity among many. These topicals are infused with cannabis and are often reported to provide relief for localized pain, inflammation, and various skin issues. It’s important to note that topicals typically do not enter the bloodstream, so they won’t cause intoxication or make you feel “high.”

What’s Your Treat Has All Your Cannabis-Infused Product Needs

From D9 gummies to CBD topical salve rolls, we are your one-stop shop for cannabis-infused products! Shop today. If you need guidance before your purchase, be sure to reach out to our expert team who can offer you a helping hand.