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If you’ve tried other natural methods for sleep aids, like CBD, then you’ve likely heard about Delta-9 THC. If you haven’t it’s another compound from the cannabis plant that comes in everything from Delta-9 taffy to peanut butter cups, and other infused edibles. However, if you want to learn more about what it is and what users are saying about taking it as a sleep aid, What’s Your Treat has collected a helpful guide here.

Delta 9 Taffy


What Precisely is Delta-9 THC & How is it Different?

Just like CBD and Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC is a compound found in the cannabis plant. However, unlike the two aforementioned ones, Delta-9 provides a much stronger effect. Since THC is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis, its effects aren’t like that of CBD, and users have reported feelings of strong euphoria while using it, in addition to an enhanced mood, increased appetite, well-being, and sleepiness. The Delta-9 compounded is extracted from the cannabis plant as a white, odorless powder that can be dissolved into water or added to infused edibles.

Does Delta-9 Produce a “High”?

As mentioned above, Delta-9 THC does produce a high that can often boast strong psychoactive effects that, according to studies and users, range from laughter to elation, and the other effects mentioned in the point above. Often, since it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream it can last much longer than the effects produced by smoking cannabis.

The Increasing Popularity of Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

Studies have shown that there’s been a steady increase in those suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders in recent years. According to sleepfoundation.org, approximately 70 million adults are suffering from various sleep disorders and 15% percent of this number are specifically dealing with chronic insomnia.

Does Delta-9 THC Aid Those Suffering from Sleep Disorders?

Although much more study still needs to be done, many users have reported that Delta-9 THC does act as a sleep aid for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders. The compound has been reported by users and past studies have shown it to aid in pain relief from chronic disorders, inflammation, and other things that affect the quality of your sleep. It has also been reported to relax the mind and dispel negative thoughts.

What Delta-9 THC Product Should I Take as a Sleep Aid?

Those who want to use Delta-9 THC as a sleep aid have a host of different options to choose from including infused edibles (chocolate bars, lollipops, hard candy, etc.). There are also other products with the compound out there, such as drinks.

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