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Infused gummies are a convenient method of consuming CBD or THC. If you’re curious about where they come from, the different types you can get your hands on, how to store them, or the effects you’ll get with different strains, well, you’re in luck. What’s Your Treat, a cannabinoid distributor, is here to spill the details and answer all your questions.

What Are They Made of?

When it comes to gummies, the ingredients may vary across different brands. Most gummies are crafted with real fruit puree infused with cannabis extract. What’s Your Treat prioritizes quality products and ensures that you can enjoy gummies made with the goodness of real fruit and the added benefits of cannabis.

How Long Do They Last?

To fully savor the flavor, it’s recommended to consume cannabis-infused gummies before the indicated best-before date, which you can find on the package of your gummies. Checking the best-before date ensures that you relish the gummies at their freshest, allowing you to enjoy every moment of the flavor journey they offer.

What Happens if I Wait Too Long?

You may be wondering if the potency of infused gummies reduces over time. The answer is no, the potency of gummies does not diminish over time. However, for the best flavor experience, it is recommended to consume the gummies before the indicated best-before date on the package. While the potency remains consistent, enjoying the gummies within the suggested time frame ensures you savor their full flavor potential.

How Are Sativa and Indica Gummies Different?

Sativa and Indica are two cannabis strains that offer distinct experiences. Sativa strains, containing both THC and CBD, are renowned for providing a high that promotes energy and creativity. On the other hand, Indica strains, also containing THC and CBD, are recognized for their sedating effects, inducing relaxation and calmness.

Do CBD Gummies Give You a ‘High’?

As CBD is non-psychoactive, consuming CBD-infused products does not result in the “high” commonly associated with THC. However, it’s important to approach any cannabis product, including CBD, with caution. We recommend starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing as needed. This allows you to gauge your response and find the optimal level that suits your needs.

What Dosage Should I Take?

Everyone reacts differently to infused gummies, so as a general rule of thumb, starting with a small dose and gradually increasing is the way to go. It’s advised to wait about an hour for the effects to kick in before you make any adjustments to your dosage. It’s also important to note that an edible ‘high’ can last 4-12 hours. So be sure to account for this time if you choose to take a higher dose.

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