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As more and more states and countries around the world are making Delta-9 THC available for use, those who haven’t tried it might be wondering what all the buzz is about. At What’s Your Treat we want you to have all the facts, which is why we’ve compiled this insightful guide for you here about Delta-9 Taffy and other edibles, and the compound in general, so read on!

What Exactly is Delta-9 THC?

Delta-9 THC is one of the most prominent cannabinoids found in cannabis and is the main one known by users for causing psychoactive effects, such as increased creativity, relaxation, and euphoria. It differs from Delta-8 THC, which users report to cause much milder effects, although in some states Delta-8 is illegal and Delta-9 is legal in all 50 states.

How Will Delta-9 THC Affect Me?

Since every user and every product including Delta-9 THC varies, the effects you experience will be based on this, in addition to the dosage you ingest. It’s been reported to deliver an altered perception of time, an increase in appetite, and a sense of euphoria. Some users also state that it has helped their anxiety, depression, and chronic aches and pains.

What Can I Expect with Delta-9 Taffy or Other Edibles?

When taking Delta-9 taffy, caramels, or other edibles, it’s always best to start with a minimal dose until you find a dosage level you feel comfortable with. Often, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to feel the effects of the edible you’ve consumed. It’s important to note that traditionally, although edibles take longer to kick in, the experience can last much longer as opposed to when smoking cannabis.

Additionally, different types of edibles will provide different types of experiences. For example, an edible such as a lollipop or hard candy will have a different effect than say, a chocolate bar you eat. This is because rather than being digested and then absorbed, the Delta-9 compound is absorbed sublingually if sucking on hard candy or lollipop, causing such treats to kick in much quicker. Users have reported feeling the effects of Delta-9 candies in as little as 15 minutes.

Delta-9 Edibles from What’s Your Treat

What’s Your Treat carries a wide variety of Delta-9 edibles including taffy, caramels, gummies, chocolate bars, fudge, and more. We also carry a range of CBD products such as tinctures, salve sticks, popcorn, gummies, and peanut butter. Those looking for Delta-8 THC products will also find Delta-8 taffy, popcorn, gummies, and fudge from What’s Your Treat, and HHC gummies as well. To learn more contact us online today or call (704) 684-5276.